Sleeping Rough – Web Series

So I have set out to get the story told. It is the story of a thousand girls. I just know there are girls out there right now, 15 years old. 16 Years old, 17 years old. Younger even. Scared out of their wits. Abused. Falling victim to drugs, to pimps.

If you know of such a girl, if you see her walking in your train station as you pass her by every morning on your way to work, pay attention to her. Give her what she needs. Also notify the right authorities and get her off the streets. Because ultimately, she does not belong there.


In this web series you will get to know Anna. She tells the story in her own voice. She tells it as it is happening to her.

The events she tells you about, all of what is depicted in her stories, they all happened for real. I was there. Thirty years ago I was there. Maybe this did not all happen to me, but if not to me, back in the day I knew someone to whom it has happened.


When you look on the internet for true stories on sleeping rough, you hardly find anything. Sleeping rough is a rather traumatising experience. Maybe that is why. It is difficult to think back to all that has happened to you and tell about it.
Also, I imagine a lot of people sleeping rough don’t make it. Period. They don’t grow old. They don’t get to tell.

I try to give them a voice. They have a story. I think it should be heard. One page at the time, this is one of the voices. The one voice of a thousand girls who are out there right now:

First series:

The first series of nine episodes ran from 10 May until 17 May 2012 It shows how the girl, the main character of the story, loses all footing.

Episode 1

Episode 2 – “Thieving Bitch!”

Episode 3 – “And now, beat it!”

Episode 4 – Nothing happened

Episode 5 – The shower

Episode 6 – Curtain call

Episode 7 – Nettles and cow parsley

Episode 8 – The Rape of Lindsey

Episode 9 – I moved again

Second Series

The first Episode of the Second Series was published on Monday 21st May 2012. It too is the first of a series of nine. This second series finished on 29 May 2012.
It tells us how Anna tries to adapt to her new life, tries to fit in.

Episode 1 – Eighty nine cents

Episode 2 – Milk

Episode 3 – Groceries

Episode 4 – “Hush now”

Episode 5 – Loving heart

Episode 6 – “My Dear Mother”

Episode 7 – WalkMan

Episode 8 – Bounced

Episode 9 – Trash

Third Series

The third series started 7 June 2012 en the last episode was published on 21 June 2012. This series shows how the dire situation of being a young girl sleeping rough, leads Anna bit by bit into an ultimate decision.

Episode 1 – Raider

Episode 2 – Beach party

Episode 3 – Vixen

Episode 4 – Tuppence

Episode 5 – Shelter

Episode 6 – Silence

Episode 7 – Gaoithe an iarthair

Episode 8 – Deal done

Episode 9 – Forward


Fourth Series

It looks like there will be one more series to conclude Anna’s story. I am working on that at the moment. The working titles of the drafts of the episodes of the fourth series, are:

  • S4E1: A white room
    «I was crying. I was confused. I was not answering a lot of questions he was asking me. The police officer seemed genuinely worried. He smiled a lot with a frown over his eyes. He tried to comfort me by putting his hand on my shoulder. He wrapped me in a blanket.»
  • S4E2: Old kindness
    «I closed my eyes for a bit. My hands rested on either side besides me on the bed. My right hand half on some bed linen ready for use. My feet inside socks inside shoes. The soles of my shoes on a soft, burgundy carpet. I sighed again and then opened my eyes and got up. I went to the window and opened the curtains.»
  • S4E3
  • S4E4
  • S4E5
  • S4E6
  • S4E7
  • S4E8
  • S4E9

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