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I have to. I just have to 🙂    I have to share this with you all here as well.

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Big Buddha

I am allowing my self some weight loss. I have become fat. I can think of a thousand possible reasons for that, but bottom line is that I love to eat and I love candy.


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So, my zen teacher turns out never to have had any sort of transmission at all. He was not ordained either. He stayed a couple of months in a Japanese Monastery (depending on the source this has been 3 months -says the Monastery- or 4 months to 6 months -says the teacher-). He went back to Japan several times, but according to his Monastery, yes, attended sesshins but never finished a sesshin. He usually left after two days.
My zen teacher claimed to have had some special sort of informal transmission. From this came part of his authority to teach. At first he called himself teacher. Then zen master. A couple of years ago he switched to Dai Osho, which I thought rather strange as that title generally is reserved for dead teachers. And sometimes he used or let people use the title roshi, which he was not. Of that I was certain. Continue reading

The Eightfold Path #4, Right Action – “Stop”

And what is right action? Abstaining from taking life, abstaining from stealing, abstaining from unchastity. This is called right action.” – Sutta Nipata XLV 8

When I took the five precepts at my Jukai ?, I didn’t know that they were directly related to the Noble Eightfold Path. As it turns out the first three precepts are describing what to do for ‘right action’, or rather what not to do since the precepts are about not doing. Continue reading

The Eightfold Path #6: Right Effort – Awakening Kanzeon

About a year ago I went into formal training with Jiun roshi, as I joined the Zen Center ‘Noorder Poort’. Then last April, I left that center and since then I’ve felt rather restless and not fitting in. The original plan was to undergo formal training for at least 18 months, maybe even up to two years. But life decided differently and I went on my way. Since then I’ve been looking deep into myself.

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No strings attached

Life, as far as we understand it, is the exception in the universe that we know. Last Sesshin this was probably the most crucial sentence for me I got to hear from the teachers mouth. Taking the generally excepted definition for ‘life’, most of the universe we know is empty and otherwise it is dead. Continue reading


I’m trying to organize a group for myself. A group that will regularly sit with me in the small Zendo ? that is available to me. I noticed how it takes a lot of discipline to stick to my schedule of regular Zazen ? and Kinhin ? sessions as part of my Zen Buddhist training, now that I have to do it on my own. I don’t attend any meetings or gatherings with any particular Sangha ? and I find it is easy to every now and then just skip a sit or two 🙂

Just one pair of slippers at the entrance of the zendo

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