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Writing Christmas Cards

I hope I developed over time. Changed, grew, expanded without being invasive. Changed my focus in life. Changed my tune. I would not for the life of me, like to be who I was some ten years ago. For me change has to do with un-learning. A lot of what I learned as a child, as a youngster, as a young adult, seems to be unneeded, unnecessary, redundant. Harmful even. Sometimes.

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John 14:1-12 – Note to self

Zen wants us to live here and now. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is not here, we say. And yet as much as that is true, it is not true.

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Path Home – Haiku #50




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Bed linen

So, I got sick last night. Or rather early in the morning. Sick to such a degree that I woke up in a filthy bed.

I got up, cleaned myself, got all the bed linen into the washing machine, put fresh sheets and covers on the bed, pulled the dog close to me, and went back to sleep.

bed linen drying outsideThree hours later the washing machine woke me up. It was a bright day already, so I got up. Pounding headache and all.
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I have to. I just have to 🙂    I have to share this with you all here as well.

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Our Daily Bread, the easy way

It has been some 8.000 years during which we humans have systimatically taken up agriculture. It has been just as long that we have been baking bread.

When you try to find a simple recipe for baking bread the easy way, right after opening the webpage with such a recipe it gets complicated. Completely unnessecary. We have been doing it for 8.000 years. In every culture that knows wheats and other cereals, there is also a form of bread being baked. Preferably on a daily base. Now, how can such a common thing be so complicated?


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Summer rains – Haiku #48


Snail on wet surface


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