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The Eightfold Path: #5 – Right Livelihood

My understanding of ‘Karma ?‘ is that it is action with effect far out in time and space beyond understanding or control, either positive or negative and neither positive nor negative, fully obedient to the laws of causation. To me a good example of ‘Karma’ is how habits in families span many generations. This even includes family speak or habits as drinking and smoking and such. The parent transfers his or her actions to the next generation, just by doing what he or she does. But it goes way further. As all is one, the simple act of breathing is bringing the universe to life.

Turning the Wheel

Although I have the wish to be free of karma through enlightened action, which I understand now to be Continue reading

A brand new day!

Yesterday I’ve spend about the entire day setting up a small WordPress site for myself. The all in all six pages tell the world about me looking for a (temporary) job or commission. I’ve tried to explain what I can do, based on talents, skills, experience and education, and what I want based on values and needs. Besides that I give a little background information about myself, just enough to create the picture I want a potential employer or client to get about me.
It’s a simple site, I think. But just a bit more than a normal curriculum vitae combined with a résumé. I will refer to it if I apply for a job, especially if that is an open application.

Dreams and plans

An idea without a plan is just a dream. I already sort of knew what I would be looking for in a new position, but never really articulated it properly. Now, having to use structure and words, I got a better focus on what I can do and on what I want to do and on how to combine the two. It’s more realistic and I think I can actually achieve something here.

I would much appreciate it if you can take a look at the site: Barbara 不真 heeft er zin in!. It is in Dutch, my mother language.
If you have any comments on either the site or the content, or if you have a suggestion for a (temporary) job or a commission, please let me know.

screendump for the site

Every day a brand new day. Lets take advantage of that!