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Writing Christmas Cards

I hope I developed over time. Changed, grew, expanded without being invasive. Changed my focus in life. Changed my tune. I would not for the life of me, like to be who I was some ten years ago. For me change has to do with un-learning. A lot of what I learned as a child, as a youngster, as a young adult, seems to be unneeded, unnecessary, redundant. Harmful even. Sometimes.

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I have to. I just have to 🙂    I have to share this with you all here as well.

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So, my zen teacher turns out never to have had any sort of transmission at all. He was not ordained either. He stayed a couple of months in a Japanese Monastery (depending on the source this has been 3 months -says the Monastery- or 4 months to 6 months -says the teacher-). He went back to Japan several times, but according to his Monastery, yes, attended sesshins but never finished a sesshin. He usually left after two days.
My zen teacher claimed to have had some special sort of informal transmission. From this came part of his authority to teach. At first he called himself teacher. Then zen master. A couple of years ago he switched to Dai Osho, which I thought rather strange as that title generally is reserved for dead teachers. And sometimes he used or let people use the title roshi, which he was not. Of that I was certain. Continue reading

Time – Haiku #39



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Grapes of Zen

Recently my Zen practice was a bit rusty. I have not been sitting all that much lately. Not talking days or even weeks. For maybe three or four months now I have been meditating at very irregular intervals, skipping days, sometimes weeks even. Until yesterday I realised I have not been sitting at all for at least three weeks now.

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On Freedom and stupid stuff like that

911. 7/7. People are not aware of how much of their freedom they have already given up to those numbers. CCTV in our streets, body scans at our airports, biometric passports holding fingerprints and such, random frisking in our cities, identification requirements at all times, laws on obligatory retention of our user data of internet and telephones both mobile and land line, restriction of internet use, and much more. Bit by bit the commoner gets criminalised by its own government. That is the process unfolding. We are no longer regarded innocent. We are all under suspicion all the time. If not regarded suspect, why would we be under constant surveillance?
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I moved. About seven weeks ago I moved from the woods to a small town. Now I live in a normal house again. With all the wonders of the modern world available to me. Like a toilet in the house. Warm running water. A refrigerator. And a streetlamp outside for when it gets dark.

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