Big Buddha

I am allowing my self some weight loss. I have become fat. I can think of a thousand possible reasons for that, but bottom line is that I love to eat and I love candy.


But I can see my big body interfere with other things I love. I love to walk. Long walks through the countryside with my dog. Because of my weight, one of my feet hurts. Also, hauling around the extra 25 kilo’s exhausts me .
It is getting somewhat difficult to sit in my favourite position, when meditating. My knees won’t bend around the fat that is trapped on the inside of my folded legs. My bottom hardly fits properly on my cushion anymore. I feel uncomfortable and I experience more pain than necessary.

Of course being obese is in many ways unhealthy too. My blood pressure rises. My heart needs to work harder than should be necessary. My knees, hips and back easily get hurt from constantly being under too much strain.
And it’s not only that I just eat too much, my eating habits are unhealthy in every other way too. Hardly any fruits or vegetables. Very salty. Many sweets.

All my life (since I was a teenager) I have struggled with my weight. I gained, lost, gained, lost… and gained again. Especially since I quit smoking some ten odd years ago, overall I gained weight.
This process was only once stopped and reversed. When I came to live in a Zen Monastic setting, I got introduced to a strange diet. Nutricious, tasteful, but very different from what I knew. And then, magic, once my body adapted to the way it was being fed, I rapidly lost weight. Some 15 kilo’s in just under 5 months.

I left the monastery some two years ago. And all the weight is back on, and some more.

I have had it. I’m done with me being obese. If I can quit smoking, I can accomplish world domination. Well, maybe not world domination, but I can quit overeating. I’m absolutely sure of that.

So, rice, beans, lentils, salads, vegetables, fruits, and the occasional crackers with peanut butter or apple syrup… here I come 🙂

Wish me luck.

I hope you will feel satisfied every day _/|\_


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