Time – Haiku #39



leaves stream through the streets
whispering like nightly rains
the year shakes itself off *)


Originally in Dutch:
*) blad stroomt door straten
fluisterend als nachtregens
het jaar schudt zich uit


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3 responses to “Time – Haiku #39

  • Lois

    I like this very much! Ik vind dit heel erg! (I hope the Dutch is correct!)

    • Barbara 不真 de Zoete

      Thank you for your kind comment.

      At least the first part is kind. In Dutch you are actually saying “I think this is awful” 🙂 Should you add the word ‘mooi’ at the end of the sentence, then it says “I think this is awfully good”.

      • Lois

        Oh dear… the problems with using phrase books! I’m glad you got it that I did like your poem very much! I must check with my Dutch friend next time!
        Beautiful verse!

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