Monthly Archives: July 2012

Writing Haiku

It’s a true craftsmanship, writing haiku, and should not be approached in any other way. Because of the craftsmanship mastering the craft of haiku writing can only be done by doing it. Practice, practice. And while writing finding sounds and rhythm and finding for yourself the rules for writing haiku. Finding the rules by studying other haiku too. That is traditionally the way to go, for a reason.

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Explosion – Haiku #37



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Summer – Haiku #36



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Grapes of Zen

Recently my Zen practice was a bit rusty. I have not been sitting all that much lately. Not talking days or even weeks. For maybe three or four months now I have been meditating at very irregular intervals, skipping days, sometimes weeks even. Until yesterday I realised I have not been sitting at all for at least three weeks now.

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