Best Love Songs Ever – share them!

All the better songs in Pop culture have a main theme that concerns itself with either love or with death. Both are indeed of the utmost importance.

Only very few songs are really good. Those are the songs our parents like and we like and our children like too. We hum them without further thought as we do the dishes. They get covered in all styles. They resonate in our hearts. Most of these songs that are that good, have this unnamed quality to them. They describe life itself, somehow.

Let’s take love. Love. Love in a song. We understand why you would want to sing about love, do we not? We sing along because we want to sing about love.

There are some songs out there, that I think are really great. But I am curious as to what you think. What song to you is the most sensitive and heartfelt love song ever? It can come from Pop culture or the Bible or Opera or a contemporary Musical or anything really. All origin is appropriate if it moves you.


Please, do share! Tell me about your song. When did you hear it for the first time? Why is it special to you? How does it move you? Is it about Romantic love or the love between mother and child or spiritual love or yet another love? When was the last time you listened to it? Tell me all and if possible, find it on Youtube or other source and publish it here with your reply.


Which is it? Let me in on your secret. Share that love 🙂


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Some songs are so sweet you would almost wish for a little heartache yourself.

Not a reply as such, but what I encountered in my twitter timeline:


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