Web series ‘Sleeping rough’ – She does not belong there

I have been working hard on the web series ‘Sleeping rough’ today. Four new episodes are ready to be published. They are scheduled for publication starting from Monday.

In this second series (I aim it to be a series of nine episodes again) finally the main character gets a name. She finds herself more and more confronted with violence and drugs in this series. She will get involved despite her intentions.


It takes a lot of energy writing the story as it unfolds, a page at the time. Some subjects take a little longer. It takes so much energy because all of the events that I describe did actually happen. I do not say they all happened to me, but I was either there or back in the day I knew someone it has happened to as I describe it. None of it is made up.
On the one hand this makes writing easy. I do not have to make anything up 🙂 But on the other hand, despite it being some thirty years ago, it sometimes emotionally still takes quite a bit from me, now that I am eagerly digging in to it again.

So four stories in one day is quite enough. Tomorrow I will give it another go. See if I get to finish the whole second series of nine this weekend.


I do mean to get the story told. It’s the story of a thousand girls. I just know there are girls out there right now, 16 years old. 17 Years old. Younger even. Scared out of their wits. Abused. Falling victim to drugs, to pimps. Please girls, be strong.

And if you, reader, know of such a girl, if you see her walking in your train station as you pass her by every morning on your way to work, pay attention to her. Give her what she needs. Also notify the right authorities and get her off the streets. Because ultimately, she does not belong there.


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