Happy Mothers Day

I honestly wonder how many people are actually feeling hurt out there today. Mothers Day.

People who recently lost their mother. People who wanted to be a mother but for what ever reason never saw their wish come true. People who are a mother but lost touch with a child. People who outlived a child. People who gave away a child after birth. People who saw a child grow up to be a criminal, a rapist, a murderer. People who lost touch with their mother. People who are taking care of a mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s. People who don not even know who their mother is. People who cannot provide for their child properly. People who see their child go to pieces and are totally helpless and powerless, innocent bystanders to their children’s lives. Children visiting their mothers in prison today. Children bringing a breakfast to the bed of a mum still drunk from partying the night before. A mother not knowing where her teenage daughter is at.

My thoughts are with you today, sweet people. I can sense your pain. You did nothing wrong. Be sad today. Tomorrow you will feel better.
The merit of my practice today goes to you especially.

And to all the rest out there: I wish you all a happy Mothers Day and may all your future Mothers Days be as happy as is today!

Be safe.


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