At night I walk the streets and in the houses I see all those faces turned to these big TV screens. I watch them. People sitting there. Night after night I see the same thing. People sitting still, eyes glazed over. In essence they are dying. You know. Basically just dying in there.

Sometimes I would like to pick up a rock and smash a window and shout “Wake up! Jesus, please, wake up!” But I would just be another Napoleon putting a crown on my own head undeservedly so. And on the practical side, it would get me locked up which is not what I desire.


Why are you so afraid to lose that big screen that sits on the wall of a house that keeps you in bondage to a bank you are disgusted with? I do not understand.


Europe had her chance with her Age of Enlightenment and the aftermath of the French Revolution. Two centuries have passed since then. Age of Enlightenment indeed. … Today, at an individual level, we are still deeply afraid to simply lose it all. What a waste of talent. I dream of Beethoven and weep.


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