Never underestimate anything. Even the smallest and simplest of things tell the whole story. Take pancakes for example.

Pancake, crêpe, pannenkoek, Pfannkuchen… it all means the same thing: something simple with eggs and flower, fried in a pan and eaten hot. And meanwhile the look and taste vary widely. The crêpe and the pancake seem to have little in common. The crêpe is thin as a sheet of paper and spread out. The pancake is thick and compact. The pannekoek and Pfannkuchen are somewhere in between those two extremes. Some are eaten with sweet toppings or fruit, some are eaten with savory foods.

And still, they all are of basically the same ingredients. Eggs, flower, maybe water, maybe cream, milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese, a little salt and a touch of baking powder. Mix, let it rest, make your frying pan really hot with melted butter or some oil, fry, serve and eat.

Yes, that’s it 🙂 The main ingredient is eating them. Eating, mindful of every part of that act. Loose yourself like a child eating pancakes. You remember how that was? You could do it then, you can do it again.

So, make yourself some pancakes today, in every which way is custom for you, and then eat.


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