I moved. About seven weeks ago I moved from the woods to a small town. Now I live in a normal house again. With all the wonders of the modern world available to me. Like a toilet in the house. Warm running water. A refrigerator. And a streetlamp outside for when it gets dark.


After dark I take the dog and we walk into the fields surrounding the town. No streetlamps, no traffic, just footsteps in the dark. Never mind the weather. I just put up my collar against the cold and walk. As I cross a bridge I see the stars reflected in the surface of a narrow and quiet stream.

I look up. There is Jupiter. And there the Pleiades. More to the left, Orion and Betelgeuse. As I turn I spot Ursa major and the Polestar and Ursa minor. All the way up there is Cassiopeia. Down in the East I see Wega just over the horizon and Venus at the other side going down.


All those names I give them, just because I know them! It keeps them a universe apart from me. Just looking up brings us together.


The tiredness from moving around the last one and a half year, fleets as I join a nameless nebula and tap in to the energy of the universe.


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2 responses to “Nameless

  • Matt W

    Lovely! I remember when I decided to learn more about the stars a few years ago, I deliberately did not to learn the “constellations” but instead focused on the science and what we know about them. The scale of things was of particular interest to me. I feared that if I learned the constellations I wouldn’t be able to look up at the stars and see the universe any more.

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    […] over at Dewdrop Worlds wrote a beautiful post about the names of things, and about looking at constellations. All those names I give them, just because I know them! It […]

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