I’m trying to organize a group for myself. A group that will regularly sit with me in the small Zendo ? that is available to me. I noticed how it takes a lot of discipline to stick to my schedule of regular Zazen ? and Kinhin ? sessions as part of my Zen Buddhist training, now that I have to do it on my own. I don’t attend any meetings or gatherings with any particular Sangha ? and I find it is easy to every now and then just skip a sit or two 🙂

Just one pair of slippers at the entrance of the zendo

And I don’t want that. I want to stick to schedule: Zazen before every meal and a couple of sessions of Zazen, alternated with Kinhin, just before bedtime. All in all four times a day and some seven or eight periods of Zazen in total each day. That’s what I want at the moment. That’s what I can feel I need at the moment.

But, as I stated, I find it difficult to maintain that schedule all by my self. So I try and find a group of my own. And that turns out to be rather difficult.
I’ve got a beautiful little place, a small Zendo, available for free as it is now. I try to find participants who can take part in the regular schedule, for free. I use twitter and part of this blog to advertise that. But still, nobody shows up. Weird.

Maybe it’s the ‘free’ thing. Maybe in this society we’ve come to believe that what is for free cannot be good. We don’t just enjoy the sun while it’s out there. We travel far away and then lie down on a beach to enjoy the sun and we pay a lot of money to do that. We do not enjoy each others company just because we can. We arrange meetings, festivals and parties and such, need themes to them, heck, why not a whole amusement park while we’re at it. And then have to organize quality time with our own friends and family somewhere in between. We buy expensive cars and drive our kids to school with them even though the drive is only about a mile or so. And then we need to do extra exercise and pay a lot of money for the outfit and the trainer or the facility we use to get that exercise.
We buy our cookies. We don’t bake them anymore.

Realizing that, I might have to choose to ask a certain price for the meditation. Some €5 for the shorter periods during the day. Some €8 for the evenings. Some €10 if one needs instruction. Something like that.
But it seems unfair. I don’t need to gain any money from this. My gain is the company of some other people that are genuinely interested in Zen Meditation and have this need to support their own practice through sitting with a group too, just as I do.

What to do?


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  • moe219

    I would advise advertising a local health food stores, yoga studios and UU churches. Also many in the 12-step communities meditate. Further, therapists are regularly recommending that their patients meditate (though I don’t know how you would find them.)

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