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The Eightfold Path: #5 – Right Livelihood

My understanding of ‘Karma ?‘ is that it is action with effect far out in time and space beyond understanding or control, either positive or negative and neither positive nor negative, fully obedient to the laws of causation. To me a good example of ‘Karma’ is how habits in families span many generations. This even includes family speak or habits as drinking and smoking and such. The parent transfers his or her actions to the next generation, just by doing what he or she does. But it goes way further. As all is one, the simple act of breathing is bringing the universe to life.

Turning the Wheel

Although I have the wish to be free of karma through enlightened action, which I understand now to be Continue reading


I’m trying to organize a group for myself. A group that will regularly sit with me in the small Zendo ? that is available to me. I noticed how it takes a lot of discipline to stick to my schedule of regular Zazen ? and Kinhin ? sessions as part of my Zen Buddhist training, now that I have to do it on my own. I don’t attend any meetings or gatherings with any particular Sangha ? and I find it is easy to every now and then just skip a sit or two 🙂

Just one pair of slippers at the entrance of the zendo

And I don’t want that. Continue reading

A summer day

a bouquet with wild flowers in the ZendoI hope that never comes the day where I forget to marvel at encountering two deer in two different occasions; two hares in two different occasions; the remains of a snake right in front of my two feet, only identifiable because of five non hatched eggs that were in her body the moment the buzzard got her and which got left behind; the abundance of wild flowers to pick from so I can put together a simple bouquet for the Zendo that is at my doorstep; fresh, ripe, wild raspberry that I can pick carefully from between the nettles; and butterflies that pass me left and right drifting in gentle summer winds. Just and ordinary summer day with sunrise and sunset and brimful of life.