Please help Binkie, the limping dog?

So I got a dog by the name of Binkie. And it’s a sweety, the little thing:

"Anyone, can you help me?"

Looking at this picture you would never guess Binkie has a problem with one of his legs. Actually with two of his legs, but the problem with the right hind leg is acute and serious.
His kneecaps are loose. It is a known problem and has been diagnosed previously. It says so in Binkie’s papers. According to the previous owner Binkie had no real problem. “He’s not in pain with it or anything. It doesn’t need attention or special care.”

Yeah, right. Binkie has a lot of pain with this problem. During the walks we make together, he doesn’t really use his right hind leg. But still he squeals sometimes as if bitten by something. Then, after we come home, he really shows all the signs of being in a lot of pain. He limps seriously for hours, bites his own paw squealing and walks stiffly, limping like an old dog. Binkie is 3,5years old.

I noticed it day one I got Binkie, which is not even a week ago. “He’s not in pain with it or anything. It doesn’t need attention or special care.” How could the previous owner have missed this? How can you not see this behavior with all the signs right there?

Never mind. I need to do something. So I checked on the internet. And what I see there means real trouble. The only remedy for Binkie’s disease is surgery. And this will cost some €400 per knee.
This makes me cry. I saw this little dog being in trouble. People asked for Binkie to be saved from the animal shelter where he could very well end up. And I jumped in and took Binkie in so at least he has a home and someone who loves him and walks with him and takes care of him. But now this. I can’t afford €400 per knee, €800. No way. Not now, not any time soon either. I was going to take an insurance for Binkie, but of course this will only cover new, yet unknown, medical problems. This one is known and insurance will not cover for it.

And now I don’t know what to do. Binkie needs medical care as soon as possible to relieve his pain. And I can’t give him what he needs. How can you help him with this? Please?

If you want to chip in to help cover the cost for the surgery, please use this paypal account. Much obliged and Binkie thanks you very much!


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4 responses to “Please help Binkie, the limping dog?

  • Barbara 不真 de Zoete

    I contacted the previous owner. He says:
    “I know the surgery is that expensive, the vet had warned us about such a price.
    We have then said that if we would have a financial windfall, he certainly would get the necessary surgery for his knee.
    But back then, and still now, we are having financial problems. Hence he has still not been operated.”

    So much for honesty. But the problem remains. How do I help Binkie in a sufficient way?

  • mtk

    Maybe its a good starting point to find a vet who can verify or alter your internet diagnosis? Maybe there is one in the sangha?

    • Barbara 不真 de Zoete

      I’ve got an appointment with a vet coming Monday late in the afternoon. We’ll see what s/he says.

      Binkie’s limping must be because he’s moving a lot more than he previously did. We walk for hours a day. The short rounds first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening, are already half an hour each. And in between we make a walk of at least one and a half hour, but sometimes as long as three hours. For now I think I will cut back a bit on these long walks. They don’t seem to do Binkie a lot of good with his condition.

      Anyway, Monday I’ll know more and post an update on Binkie’s condition and the necessary steps for treatment.

  • Barbara 不真 de Zoete

    Binkie as he enjoys a walk. But I have to keep it short to prevent hem from having too much pain afterwards. Do you want to see this dog really enjoy his life with a healthy body, free from pain? Then please help. Thank you so much.

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