Change, an ongoing story

The last couple of days I’ve been feeling very tired. Right into my bones. I slept a lot more than I did previously. I think a lot of stress and emotions from the last couple of months, are finding their way out now that I feel comfortable, safe and I am more relaxed than I’ve been in years, as far as I can remember. I feel content with all somehow. No idea how that came about.


Today my life will once again change. A little dog by the name of “Binkie” enters. He got caught in the huge changes in the life’s of other people and might end up in an animal refuge. Three and a half years old he is. And in a couple of hours he’ll arrive at his new home.

I’m sure his soon to be previous owners took good care of him with enough love and attention. So he’ll miss them. Heck, he’ll even miss them if they maltreated him (which is not the case BTW). He’s been with them for years and knows no other place to be his home. He never chose for this big change.

And still he got it. I’ll help him through this rough period in his life. I’ve been in changes with huge impact recently and I can understand how things can be scary at a deep level. How you can feel very uncomfortable and insecure during the big moves in your life. And how change can mean you come to a better place, maybe even just because you go through the change.

No cause, no effect

I’ll teach the dog a trick or two. It’s the type of dog that loves to please his owner and wants to work with you. But inevitably I’ll be the one learning from him. His training will be my training.

Ultimately for Binkie it doesn’t really matter why I got him. The dog has no way of understanding history or future, no way to understand altruistic or selfish reasons (which as far as I’m concerned, can go hand in hand). All I need to do for him is create the best home possible in every moment he’s with me.

It’s like what I could do for myself: create the best home possible in every moment of life, no matter what turns it takes, no matter cause or effect. The best home possible in every aspect and in any given situation.

Let’s go for it, Binkie! Lets travel together from now on.


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2 responses to “Change, an ongoing story

  • mtk

    I’m not sure about living with animals. On one hand, the animal cannot decide for itself, if it wants to live with someone. On the other hand it’s better for an animal to live in a caring surrounding than in a place where it’s not respected or treated cruel. Anyway, it will influence your living in a new way and I’m curious about your experiences while being together. Does a dog have buddha nature? You will see!

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