The shade of trees

You know the story of the missionary meeting the indigenous man? It’s a very hot and dry day and the man rests quietly in the shade of some trees.

The missionary asks him: “Shouldn’t you get some job?”
“A job?” the man replies. “What’s that?”
“Well,” says the missionary, “A job is when you go out after breakfast to a boss and work for him all day.”
“Hmm…” the man replies, “I can do that, but why would I?”
“With a job you get paid money.”
“And what do I do with that money?”
“You buy food and clothes and pay rent for the house you live in and in the end you get a pension.”
“A pension?” says the man. “What’s that?”
“Then you retire and you can do anything you want.” replies the missionary. “You don’t go to work anymore and during hot and dry days you can quietly rest in the shade of trees.”

This morning the sun was especially bright and red. There is a lot of dust in the sky, also high up apparently. Combined with the smoke from the Easter fires in this region of the Netherlands it is a beauty filter for the suns face. There is a certain coolness in the morning air that is typical for springtime. A dry air just a little above freezing temperature. It doesn’t feel cold, but the hairs on my arms rise and stay risen for hours.

I have nothing to do. Or better yet, I have everything that I want to do. Today I’ll finish tailoring the curtains for the Zendo ? on the grounds of the Hobbitstee where I currently live. And after that I’ll do some walking on the terrain behind the Hobbitstee, where there is heather and woodlands. And during that walk I’ll take a rest and be quiet in the shade of trees for a while.

Somehow I came to live the life that I always rejected with others, but was secretly and seriously envious of. I am this life.

Bonno mu jin sei gan dan
Delusions are inexhaustible, I vow to put an end to them.

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