A brand new day!

Yesterday I’ve spend about the entire day setting up a small WordPress site for myself. The all in all six pages tell the world about me looking for a (temporary) job or commission. I’ve tried to explain what I can do, based on talents, skills, experience and education, and what I want based on values and needs. Besides that I give a little background information about myself, just enough to create the picture I want a potential employer or client to get about me.
It’s a simple site, I think. But just a bit more than a normal curriculum vitae combined with a résumé. I will refer to it if I apply for a job, especially if that is an open application.

Dreams and plans

An idea without a plan is just a dream. I already sort of knew what I would be looking for in a new position, but never really articulated it properly. Now, having to use structure and words, I got a better focus on what I can do and on what I want to do and on how to combine the two. It’s more realistic and I think I can actually achieve something here.

I would much appreciate it if you can take a look at the site: Barbara 不真 heeft er zin in!. It is in Dutch, my mother language.
If you have any comments on either the site or the content, or if you have a suggestion for a (temporary) job or a commission, please let me know.


screendump for the site barbarafushin.wordpress.com

Every day a brand new day. Lets take advantage of that!


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