Home in a cup of coffee

The stove purrs. The sun is leaking through windows and cracks on the planks of the walls. Birds have been busy since six this morning. They squatted the empty space between the ceiling of my bedroom and the roof tiles. They’re very busy redecorating the place, taking apart old nesting material and bringing in new and fresh stuff. All along the male birds are whistling their songs like real construction workers, whistling to attract the attention of every female they spot.

Building yourself a home… It is what living things do. It is what I do, although my perception of what ‘home’ should be, has changed a lot since I left my life to start another one.

I had a lovely breakfast of oatmeal, tutti frutti, cottage cheese, custard, sugar and cinnamon, after a good nights sleep. Soon I’ll be out on the field sod cutting beneath the fruit trees in the orchard. Tough job I love doing. It’s very good weather this morning and it looks like it will be nice weather all day long. The good sleep, the delicious and nutritious breakfast, the weather all support working outside. My muscles are a bit sore from the previous days, but I found out that usually this disappears as soon as I’m busy.

And while I’m working in the orchard, this little space with walls, roof and a purring stove with a kettle serenating a lovely charivari, is waiting for me to shelter me for the night again.

It’s all so simple. As simple as a cup of coffee.

chair in front of window, statue of a buddha

Home in a cup of coffee


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3 responses to “Home in a cup of coffee

  • Luc Carriere

    Klinkt thuis!
    Meegereisd met de Boeddha zie ik.

    Aankomend weekend heb ik tijd voor training, verwelkomen jullie gasten voor een dag of drie, vier?

    Hup, aan de koffie.

    • Barbara 不真 de Zoete

      Gasten zijn welkom! Er is altijd wel een plekje te vinden hier. Afhankelijk van wat je wilt, kun je zelf een matje en slaapzak meebrengen. Dan is het al helemaal geen probleem.

      Zelf ben ik er een aantal dagen niet. Misschien zaterdag de 23ste weer terug. Als ik weet dat je komt, zorg ik dat ik hier ben.

  • Luc Carriere

    Tof, dank je!
    Ja gezellig als je er bent.
    Mei. De zon schijnt.

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