Some new haiku – Haiku #9-12

The spring brings out so much life which during winter abides in pure silence and oblivion, that my sense organs don’t know where to focus anymore. During Zazen I don’t get to do any Zazen, especially when I’m sitting outside. The world is just one big Haiku at the moment from which several smaller Haiku can’t help themselves but come to Mind:

Old Oak tree sprouts
Red buds against pure blue
Jay comes home

Restless Spring cheers
The old cat remembers it well
Today sleeps in the sun

Scraps of a ruby ball
Red floats on the horizon
Ice blue field close by

In between the bird songs
Tiny hooves on frozen fields
Ponies having fun *)

Originally in Dutch:
*) Oude eik bot uit
Rode knoppen tegen blauw
Vlaamse gaai komt thuis

Voorjaarsonrust juicht
Oude kat weet het nog goed
Slaapt nu in de zon

Flarden rosse bol
Rood drijft op de horizon
Veld ijsblauw dichtbij

Tussen gezang door
Hoefjes op bevroren veld
Pony’s hebben pret


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