No names – Haiku #5

If I would dream up a day, it would look like this morning. Clouds and sun naturally moving together making light and shades move playfully across the windows and walls of my room. Birdsong everywhere right into my core. Chicken scratching the ground and picking at everything, making a lot of noise as they eat the catfood out of a tin bowl. The cat meanwhile asleep on my bed.
Cat asleep on my bed

In my dream I would curl up right next to her and just listen to the sounds that enrich the silence. Feel how the temperature of the air changes through the day. Feel the fresh air move into my lunges and moving out again, much warmer and more moist.

Isn’t it beautiful that sometimes moments have such a sacred fairness in them, that the perfection of all shines right through?

Anonymous sound
A birds wing ruffles up
Air light borne *)

Originally in Dutch:
*) Anoniem geluid
Een vogelvleugel roffelt
Luchtlicht gedragen


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