The coming few days I have not much to do. It gives me some time to contemplate my nearby future. I’m leaving the ‘Noorder Poort‘. For now. Nothing has been said about future possibilities. You have a lot of Zen inside you. said Jiun roshi ? You’re just taking a bit of a D-tour.

A D-tour indeed.

Two years ago I had no idea where I would be now. I thought I did. I just bought myself a house, I had a nice job and some lovely cats. Life seemed comfortable enough and secure and safe. Until you find out that really nothing remains. As I shaved my head, I could see myself change every day. Again and again. This constant change made me uneasy, nervous. I wanted to understand.

But now I think there is nothing to understand. Just see what is now. And the next moment do the same thing. And the next. And the next.

Now I have no idea where I’ll be two years from now. I don’t even know for sure where I’ll be two weeks from now. Let that be one of the lessons learned over the last couple of months: knowing that you don’t know what’s next and be comfortable with that.


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