Meeting a Bodhisattva – Haiku #2-3

Yesterday evening I traveled from Eindhoven to Steenwijk by train. It’s a trip of about two and a half hours. As soon as the train passed Amersfoort, it became more quiet. Both inside the train and outside.

In the train a young woman was watching something on her laptop. Her ears covered in headphones. We were sitting in the part of the train where people work and read in silence. All you hear is rustling papers and the tickatytock of laptop keyboards.

And then she laughs. First a giggle. Then she erupts in laughter and fills the peoples hearts and minds.

At that very moment I look outside tot the West and see what there is.

The horizon blazes
Reveals all the grand colors
Between light and nothing*)

Most people smile with the laughing girl. The sunset paints the whole of the train and the travelers pink and purple.

Young moonThe purple deepens and in the East it is dark. The girl again laughs and giggles.

It takes a while to reach Zwolle. Both East and West have turned dark now. The girl gets off the train.

Form vanishes into nothing
The moon puts up its horns
Another freed ox**)

De horizon vlamt
Onthult groots alle kleuren
Tussen licht en niets

Vorm verdwijnt in niets
De maan steekt haar horens op
Weer een os bevrijd


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