Haiku #1

This mornings Haiku reads in Dutch:

Licht stapelt zich op
Horizonverweg dichtbij
Rust op mijn gezicht

Which would translate to English as:

Light accumulates
Horizon far away close by
Rests on my face

The last line could also translate into Rest on my face. That is always the hard part of translating, finding the best possible way to express the fine nuance that the original holds.

Anyway, I love writing Haiku. Somehow it is not a very deliberate process. A Haiku just finds its way to my thoughts, without me fabricating anything at all. I love that process. The way the Haiku is just there all of a sudden.

So far I’ve written some 150 Haiku. In the first couple of dozen are not very appealing. But the recent ones feel good. Of each and every one I still remember where the Haiku came into existence, the very moment that was.

I’ll post new haiku here, if you like me to.


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