Always a first step

Living at the International Zen Institute ‘Noorder Poort’ proofed to be quite challenging. I’ve lived, worked, trained, studied here for half a year now. And by now it is time for me to move on.

Silhouet of child making first stepsThis is more easy now than it was half a year ago. Then I had to let go of all I had: a house, a job and three lovely cats. Now all I have fits in a couple of bags in the back of a van. Nothing to let go except the notion of … Well, lets say I expected to stay here a bit longer.

But, hey, this is the next step. And for all I know it is the first step heading to what I encounter next. Maybe tomorrow I know more. And if possible, I’ll let you know.

There is always this first step available. Especially if you don’t have to look back at your own tracks.


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